Wrestling Smoke

There’s a moment between creating a work, months, years after the worrying and working of it through, when you have to put it out there. And you wait. For me it’s a breath-holding time, a waiting for the executioner time, a time when limbo seems kind. At least in limbo you know where you stand, you haven’t quite made it and you haven’t quite not, but being the eternal optimist that you are, the very fact that it’s not a NOT, gives hope. 

And that’s where I stand.

Correction, crouch.

This week I sent a YA manuscript to a publisher.

This week I placed my head on the chopping block.

Now in my heart, deep in my reason, I know it won’t matter either way. Whether well-received or rejected I know I’ve given my all. Seen the illusion and wrestled it onto a page. So deep down inside, if anyone asked, I’d say I was satisfied with my efforts.  Not the greatest of lifetime achievement: Occupation ‘Smoke Wrestler’, but an achievement just the same.

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  1. niche@people.net.au'
    Sandy Fussell says:

    If I remember right when a room is full of smoke you’re supposed to get your head down as low as you can – that’s where the survivors are! The floor is probably covered with nervous authors! I’m doing a bit of smoke wrestling at the moment too so if you look around you might see me there … Good to have company!

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