Recently, I joked with a publisher that I no longer fit the criteria to be publishable, failing in the following areas:
1) I could no longer be marketed as ‘First Book’ by …
2) I could not be marketed as a ‘Teenage Author’
3) I was not an Australian Prime Minister
4) I am not a celebrity
5) I am no longer an ‘Emerging Author’
After this, I encountered another reason – Verisimilitude. This refers to the prevailing attitude that a book based on a true story is inherently preferable to a book based on mere fiction.
Hmmmm …

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    claire says:

    Reply to your publisher
    1/ From the author of over 20 publications
    2/ Age is a discriminatry concept, who wants yet another teen prodigy, experience is exceptional.
    3/From the women never to become Australian Prime Minister
    4/ Have you not heard of the Gosford City Library Celebrity guest Author A list????

    5/ From the most mature surging, turging, .. any other rhyming urging you can find in the dictionary.

    “SO” write a true story about an author tortured and teased by a discriminating publisher as she wrestles with creative genius and the need to eat.

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