The Toxic Aftermath of Covert Narcissistic Abuse


OVERT Narcissistic Abuse starts out subtly, then gradually builds so the target of this abuse becomes more and more distressed in the relationship. Whilst the target may not be able to pinpoint that they are in an abusive relationship they recognise that something is going dreadfully wrong.

COVERT Narcissistic Abuse, is completely different. Like an invisible gas without any smell it infiltrates and slowly poisons a relationship so that in the end the target is completely destroyed in mind, body, spirit and soul. Covert Narcissists have such stealth that the target is made to feel like they are the ones who are at fault. They are also made to feel like they are going crazy.

Covert Narcissistic Abuse is so insidious, that targets completely lose their sense of ‘Self’. They no longer know who they are, they feel like they’ve lost their Soul. And to make matters even worse, the Covert Narcissistic Abuser never abuses in public, all their tactics are used behind closed doors. As such, when a victim attempts to explain their war zone aftermath NO ONE BELIEVES THEM!

Narcissistic Abuse is the Pandemic of our time.

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    Lisa Morley says:

    I am going through a divorce with a control freak without empathy. I think he may be a Narcissist. His counsellor said it was male stress disorder but the syptoms for that are the same as Narcissism. He has cut me off from financial support, cut my phone off, cut the childrens phones, hired a tow truck to follow me around to get my car. Has told his parents lies about me etc etc. He has alot of money, I am using the reverse morgage payments to live on and pay a lawyer. I do not know who i am, I feel scared and alone. He never wanted me to work or go back to school, he made me think I was stupid and would tell me I needed phychiatric help. He would say “why cant you just enjoy my success”. He wanted me to stay at home and cook. He did not like friends who were our age, he sought prostitutes who were young and used tinder to have sex. He would hire lingerie models for his office. He spends his money oon Sugar Babies and HGH human growth hormones. I fear I may never get over the betrals, but find some solace in the strength to not take him back again, like I used to so many times.

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