Digital Storytelling with David Varela

Went to David Varela session on digital storytelling organised by the Australian Society of Authors last weekend. Amongst many things David has been involved in the transmedia productions of Perplex City, A Global Adventure, and Clockwork Watch.

According to David, writers should consider themselves as auteurs, not authors, with the skills and vision to inform the creative process of storytelling. Given the simple equation:
Story = Story + Audience
… it’s the close relationship with the audience/fans that will carry the story and give it power.

The audience likes to be part of the process and will pay for this privilege. They will buy ‘rewards’, listen to podcasts, run character websites, exchange puzzle cards, write a Letters page, publish their own story(s), compile wikis, write songs, participate in real life street theatre, twitter etc.

The challenge for the writer is to create enough intrigue to entice the reader to stay with your story.

Visuals such as artwork or supporting imagery help to ‘sell’ your story or project.