Seven Crucial Lessons about Transmedia Stories: Christy Dena in conversation with Lucas JW Johnson

Christy Dena from speaking to Lucas JW Johnson re Azrael’s Stop: posted 30 November 2011

Seven Crucial Lessons learned from a first jump into creating a reactive story online.

Lesson #1: Quality and Speed means Costs.

Lesson #2: It’s never as easy as you think it will be.

Lesson #3: Have a plan or outline for the whole project before you begin. Know thematic elements as well as the look and feel of a project. And know when a project ‘ends’.

Lesson #4: Set the stage so the audience knows what they are committing to structurally (their time and commitment) as well as the ‘story’ elements.

Lesson #5: Everything in your transmedia story has a potential barrier to entry. For example, having to register to use the site, moving across platforms etc.

Lesson #6: Everything is a balancing act, for example, between audience size, audience engagement, audience contribution, accessibility etc. Don’t make the bonus content — the music, the audio play, the game, and whatever else I devise — necessary to follow the story.

Lesson #7: Promote yourself.
Your own networks aren’t enough. Go where your audience is, to forums and blogs and news sites and put your stuff in front of eyeballs.

Thank you to Christy and to Lucas for sharing these lessons!

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