Phoenix Rising Impersonation

Since my last blog am still attempting to do a phoenix rising impersonation.  I’ve got the sprawling in the ashes bit down pat, even the wing flap is going nicely, but take-off eludes me. Not that I aspire to immortality. A small miracle will do nicely. Miraculous writing recovery that is. To all those fellow strugglers, take heart. You’re not alone. Maybe we could start a support group: The Code of the Phoenix. Pre-requisite is a tendency towards self-combustion.

Apart from feeling like a pile of carbon, life goes on. Not only survived but thrived at Tull’s 18 th birthday. Jived at Shevaughn’s 21st birthday. And spent K-Rudd’s money on a new pup! A little bundle of joy called Maddie. Part cocker spaniel, part poodle. Pitch black, eyes, nose, body and when lying on her back could easily be mistaken for a monkey. But gorgeous. AND, I’m the only woman swanning around Lane Cove with a black dog! Piles of white/caramel fluff everywhere, but nothing like my dog who looks like she works for a chimney sweep. More ashes … Hmmm. There’s a theme here.

To all those covered in soot, here’s cheers!

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