Need help to deal with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and you live in Australia?

Julie Hart from The Hart Centre offers specialist services to help those dealing with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The Hart Centre
Suite 32104 Southport Central Tower 3
9 Lawson Street
Southport 4215 QLD

Anyone who has contact information for resources we can share around the world, please let me know. I am constantly being asked where people can go for help. An international register of resources specific to dealing with Narcissistic Personality Disorder would be fantastic.



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  1. Jeni Mawter says:

    You need to seek help for yourself from a trauma-informed therapist who can help you clarify things and to take steps to manage what you’re feeling. Hugs Jeni

    joanne says:

    This is the first time I have made a comment. I thought my husband was just bi- polar as it seems to run in the family, but when I researched this subject in order to understand it more so I could support him and understand it more, it explained how this was closely related to a narcissistic personality, that is when it all made sense. No matter what I do it is never enough, matter what say it is never enough. I now find I am quite drained and feel my life sucked quite dry, I watched when he called an ambulance when he was in a lot of pain but could not respond. I love him with all my heart but I am too scared to respond as I know once again it will be about him. I feel embarrassed because I can’t respond. But inside I am dead but inside I am screaming. Am I over thinking this or is this normal.

    Michelle says:

    I have been searching the entire Internet for help WITHIN Melbourne, Victoria or Bendigo, Victoria for over a year and a half.
    Why is there absolutely NO FREE HELP in the towns and cities with the highest rate of emotional abuse, domestic violence?
    There is absolutely nothing available.

  4. Jeni Mawter says:

    Hello. There is a practise based in QLD but who has branches all round Australia. The head of this practise, Julie Hart, has a lot of experience and knowledge in this area. Perhaps you can have consultations by Skype? Here are her contact details. Also, have a look at the website for other recommended psychologists in Melbourne. Skilled Medical Practitioners seem as rare as hen’s teeth and this is not just an Australian phenomenon. People are writing and complaining about this from around the world! Good luck.
    Julie Hart
    The Hart Centre
    Suite 32104 Southport Central Tower 3
    9 Lawson Street
    Southport 4215 QLD

    Jasmine says:

    Hello there. I have been searching online endlessly for a therapist dealing with narcissism in Melbourne south east for quite some time. Could you please recommend me someone who specialises in this area. Thank you.

    tilly says:

    Hi Jeni I’m in Sydney and wondering if theres anyone you can recommend I can see regarding being married to a narcissist ? I’m actually feeling like I’m going mad trying to sort myself out and getting away from him . Thanks , Tilly

    Tracey says:

    This is so right! I have a mother with Borderline Personality disorder with major narcissistic traits, and my partner is an extremely high conflict, high maintenance quite narcissistic man. These people drain you…of energy, positivity and life. So much hard work to always fight it, and not be overwhelmed by their behaviour. Disconnected permanently from my mother in May 2013 as I got sick and took three months to recover from a sinus infection. I realised it was all the drama and non stop negativity, irrationality, frustration and anger I felt at her and from her. They are an anchor, weighing you down. Best thing to do is completely remove yourself from their orbit. Emotions stop cycling up and down and plateau…it takes a while to realise the impact they have had on you. Weeks of peace and happiness at a time! Unheard of before. Toxic, toxic people.

    I have belonged to internet forums about this issue, but most have fallen over due to trolls. I have a residual group of internet friends from the forum and we offer each other support, but I do not know of any accessible resources.

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