Narcissistic Victim Syndrome – the Fallout of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A Powerpoint by Jeni Mawter

” title=”Narcissistic Victim Syndrome – a Fallout of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Powerpoint by Jeni Mawter”>

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  1. Jeni Mawter says:

    Hi Christine,

    I am in a similar situation, and am astounded at the response to my posts on this blog, Pinterest, Slideshare etc. It just goes to show that we are seeing the tip of an iceberg. I am delighted to hear from you and wish Sydney and Dublin weren’t at the opposite ends of the the globe!

    My next area of focus is to address the issue of why victims of NPD find it sooooo hard to move on. Keep an eye out!

    Warm regards,


    christine louis de canonville says:

    Well done Jeni, this kind of education is needed if we are to combat narcissistic abuse. I am a therapist that work with victims of this form of abuse, many of which suffer from NVS.

    I feel so strong about the need for education, and especially the education of therapists in this syndrome, that I have decided to get out there and do workshops. I have so many emails from victims all across the world looking for someone to talk, someone who actually understands what they have been through, that I am finding it hard to keep up. I need help from more professional therapists.

    I am running a workshop, “Understanding the Narcissist’s Web of Deception” on the 5-6th October… we shall see what happens from there.

    If you want to know more, here is a link:

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