Moving on from Narcissistic Abuse due to Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A Slideshare Compiled by Jeni Mawter

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    jodie says:

    Thank you for putting this together.
    I think there certainly needs to be a lot more education and support available for victims of this kind. I am recovering from a relationship that is now over. I felt for a long time like I was crazy and every day I feel like no one believes me. So that is why I personally appreciate this slideshow. I am strong luckily and am getting through it – even if slowly.

    Betty says:

    Thanks Jeni for putting this information together. It is very helpful. I’ve been recovering for many years from living with this disorder in my step-mother, mother and later a partner but it still manages to be a fresh insult. It helps to look at it over and again, accepting the reality on another level. What still gets me is how sweet and unimpeachable the NPR person appears to others. Thanks for doing this vastly important service for those of us whom, without this recognition, would seem “too sensitive” or “stuck in the past”.

    Jean says:

    Jeni Mawter is a guide and comfort to those who have or are currently experiencing this terrible problem. Hopefully those who are skeptical will be enlightened a bit by her succinct slideshows.

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