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This is a copy of an email sent to Sarah Bailey, the CEO of Really Blue Books ( with a marketing update for Kiss Kill.

Without you Kiss Kill would not be published. It is something for which I will be eternally grateful.

As you may have noticed, I’m passionate about this story, and I am passionate about it finding its readers. I want them to experience and connect with the story. I want to create a buzz so they’ll share it with others.

To be honest, I’m only cc-ing you on some of the leads I’m following. Didn’t want to swamp your inbox! But here’s a snippet of marketing goings on:

I’m in the process of approaching boy’s schools in the Sydney region and asking for staff to review the book. Word-of-internet is the goal. If the educators get behind this, it should do really well. Fingers crossed.

My List of Potential Reviewers is growing.

Have started looking at organising a Blog tour. Apparently virtual book tours can be done through

A music student at the Australian Institute of Music, Emily Winter, has agreed to write some music for lyrics to ‘Thought I knew You’, which I then hope to put on YouTube.

A Sydney Uni student and actor, Adam Marks, is going to perform and film the monologue ‘How Do You Define a Man?’ also for YouTube. I’m hoping he’ll help promote to student networks.

I’ve joined a Narcissist Survivor’s Chat group and have started tweeting about NPD.

Have approached Sydney Writers’ Festival, Melbourne Writers’ Festival and Byron Bay Writers’ Festivals to speak next year.

I’ve approached Inside-A-Dog a web site for teens on reading.

I’ve informed staff at the Sydney Writer’s Centre, the NSW Writer’s Centre and Macquarie University where I work.

Exhausted yet? I’m not. This is all essential to marketing in today’s world! Will keep you posted…

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