Covert Narcissistic Abuse is toxic – Click the link to see why

Covert Narcissistic Abuse is prolonged insidious abuse that kills people through suicide, homicide and kills people psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Covert Narcissistic Abuse – How To Get Away With Murder by Jeni Mawter

We are beginning to get a better understanding of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and it’s impact on our communities and society. Most of our knowledge is centred around the Overt Narcissist, yet lurking in the shadows, even more lethal because of their invisibility, is Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder individuals. The legacy they leave is profound. For their targets it can be lethal. Homicides, Suicides, Soul death, Spiritual Death, Emotional Shutdown can often be linked to Covert Narcissistic Abuse. Physically, we can also see physical and mental health problems such as Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Complex-PTSD, Heart Attacks and Stroke. The more we understand about this insidious type of abuse, the more we can help those who are their targets – their hapless victims whose lives have ground to a halt.

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    Mariyn says:

    I am struggling because I am going through the abuse for the second time. I finally divorced my husband of 22 years when I just couldn’t do it any more after repeated infidelity. Went through counseling and was doing pretty good. I remarried and have had a wonderful marriage for 15 years. Now my adult daughter is abusing me. I realize now that this has been building, but she refuses to talk to me or even acknowledge my existence. I couldn’t figure out what I had done for 6 months. She wouldn’t speak to me. She had major surgery and wouldn’t talk to me during the recovery and hasn’t since. She asked her mother in law to come and help. I was in a severe downward spiral. I finally figured it out! Unfortunately, I have only one granddaughter and I don’t want to lose contact, but I fear this will be the next weapon. They live in another state so there isn’t the need for daily contact. It’s been absolutely horrible. I am so angry that I am going through this again. I am in counseling (PTSD), but I am really struggling with the why? I know there isn’t an answer but that doesn’t make it any easier.

  2. Jeni Mawter says:

    I’m so glad it’s helped. To be honest, it appears that the medical professions are sadly lacking in any experience or knowledge in this area. I’m saddened by your struggles and wish you every success in finding a life of validation and peace. Hugs, Jeni

    Lee says:

    So glad I now understand what I have faced for 14 years.
    Thankyou for your extensive explanations.
    I tried to rationalise my girlfriends behaviour for so long.
    It drove me insane and angry and I snapped a few times which just added to my shame and she relished in the guilt.
    I’m totally shattered and soulless now, no direction and have been suicidal.
    Still struggling to get the right help. I felt I had to explain this to my psychiatrist and he wanted to pin it on a childhood issue which I don’t believe was as insidious as my love relationship.
    The gas lighting and constant blaming are awful, you know somethings being done behind your back but you can’t prove it and she would just blame me all the time for being paranoid etc.
    Emotional abuse too.
    Nice when she wanted something then cold again when it was done.
    Nothing was ever good enough and her life was a constant drama.
    I find it so hard still to explain it all and yet even with the realisation and overhearing her tell an ex of hers that he was the love of her life and I conviently paid the mortgage, whilst telling me she had no interest in him and I was paranoid, even after all that for years, I still want her to come back and feel lost without her.
    I have nothing left.
    It got so bad I couldn’t concentrate on work and my financial situation is a mess.
    Whilst she continues to go onwards like nothing has happened and telling everyone I was the abusive one.
    She has no empathy at all and I should have seen that as wrong as she never did for anyone else but I overlooked it and took her side so many times whilst in the relationship.
    I’m being treated for ptsd but I don’t feel it covers what I’ve been subjected to.
    Thankyou so much for this site.
    Understanding this brings me hope that other people out there are not like this as I think I had believed until recently this was life.

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