Cockroaches and Happiness

cockroach sitting in the sun on the stairs

Do I Know You?

Have just read ‘Opening the Door of Your Heart: And other Buddhist tales of Happiness’ by Ajahn Brahm.
Every morning after walking my dogs we enter the house by the laundry stairs.

Five days ago a large cockroach sat on the stairs in the sun and didn’t move when we approached.

Four days ago the same cockroach was there. I blew on it, thinking it was dead. It wasn’t.

Three days ago the cockroach was still there, waving it’s feelers as the dogs sniffed at it.

Two days ago, the cockroach had changed position in the sun. I had to stop the dogs from pawing at it.

Today, when we came home from our walk I asked, ‘Do I know you?’
Tomorrow …

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