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Children’s Charity Network Australia

I have been a NSW Advocate and Ambassador for the Children’s Charity Network, working with Mr Rob Leonard. This involved running writing workshops for schools through NSW, as well as supporting the Books in Homes initiative.

Books in Homes: Patron Jeni (J.A.) Mawter


Hi to all the readers taking part in the Books in Homes program.


I’m Jeni Mawter, J.A. Mawter to some, Mr Mawter to others. And sometimes I get called Jennifer (but only if I’m in big trouble). I love books, so guess what I became when I grew up? A children’s author, of course. Although, come to think of it, I could’ve chosen to be a bookseller, a bookbinder, a book-keeper or even a bookie.


When I was little I loved to run away. There were trees to climb, roofs to conquer, places to explore. But most of all, I’d run away through books. Books took me everywhere, on adventures, solving mysteries. They made me laugh. They made me cry. Some of my best friends lived in a book.


Today, I try to create these worlds for kids like you. I wrote the ‘So’ series and the ‘Freewheelers’ series to show how much fun you can have with a book. In a good story, anything can happen. I can uncover a dog-stealing ring, put jellyfish in your undies, invent a fart factory, cook wicked muffins. As you can see, I’m an author who is also fond of mischief!


When I was asked to be involved in Books in Homes I jumped at the chance. If I can help to get a book in your home, maybe you can go on some wonderful adventures, like I did. Maybe, you’ll also find that a book can be your friend. Or maybe, one day, you’ll write those books yourself.


Picture your face on a bookmark …


Maybe not!


Anyway, take a leaf out of my book, and hook into reading.


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