Children’s Book Week Australia 2010

Received this email from The Central Coast. This is what makes the chaos of Book Week all worthwhile:

Hi Jeni,

I thought you might enjoy reading the school newsletter article written by some of the library monitors I took to the Book Week Luncheon a couple of weeks ago.

Jeni Mawter is a fantastic author and has great books to read which will take you to places you have never been. They will make you laugh and smile for a long time afterwards.
She has a beautiful personality and an endless imagination. Jeni Mawter looks just like your ordinary, everyday person, but she is the loveliest person I have met and I’m sure she inspired us all.
By Kim and Riley

How lovely is that!

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  1. Jeni Mawter says:

    Hi Chris. Thanks so much for putting my books So Sick! and Launched! on your site. Very kind of you. Happy Christmas and a great 2011

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