Shooting Arrows

To all those who have left comments on this blog and I haven’t replied, am having cookies trouble.Really, really love getting your comments, and really frustrated with my level of technological illiteracy. Please keep commenting and I’ll keep trying to fix the problem.

I’ve always viewed my writing career as shooting arrows into the universe and seeing what I can hit. Early on I shot quiverful after quiverful with no success, then gradually I started hitting some targets. Over the years the targets stopped moving and my aim grew better until one day, every celestial body disappeared. So, it’s back to shooting arrows … For those aspiring to the writing life, here’s what I mean by shooting arrows. These are some of the steps I’ve taken in the past month:

Approached publishers in China and Vietnam to do co-editions of the ‘So’ series and ‘Freewheelers’ series.

Contacted Australian publishers to see what they are are looking for.

Updated web site, blog, wiki, etc etc 

Experimented and wrote a picture book text. 

Applied for several writing and non-writing jobs. 

Submitted  a YA manuscript and the picture book text.

Became a Skype-er.

Attended writer support meetings and offered writing support to others. 

If I keep this up I know that eventually something will happen. In the first phase of my writing career I was shooting arrows for nearly 5 years before I hit something. I have no idea how long it will take this time. I just know I have to keep trying …

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