Marketing a Digital Book

This is a copy of an email sent to Sarah Bailey, the CEO of Really Blue Books ( with a marketing update for Kiss Kill.

Without you Kiss Kill would not be published. It is something for which I will be eternally grateful.

As you may have noticed, I’m passionate about this story, and I am passionate about it finding its readers. I want them to experience and connect with the story. I want to create a buzz so they’ll share it with others.

To be honest, I’m only cc-ing you on some of the leads I’m following. Didn’t want to swamp your inbox! But here’s a snippet of marketing goings on:

I’m in the process of approaching boy’s schools in the Sydney region and asking for staff to review the book. Word-of-internet is the goal. If the educators get behind this, it should do really well. Fingers crossed.

My List of Potential Reviewers is growing.

Have started looking at organising a Blog tour. Apparently virtual book tours can be done through

A music student at the Australian Institute of Music, Emily Winter, has agreed to write some music for lyrics to ‘Thought I knew You’, which I then hope to put on YouTube.

A Sydney Uni student and actor, Adam Marks, is going to perform and film the monologue ‘How Do You Define a Man?’ also for YouTube. I’m hoping he’ll help promote to student networks.

I’ve joined a Narcissist Survivor’s Chat group and have started tweeting about NPD.

Have approached Sydney Writers’ Festival, Melbourne Writers’ Festival and Byron Bay Writers’ Festivals to speak next year.

I’ve approached Inside-A-Dog a web site for teens on reading.

I’ve informed staff at the Sydney Writer’s Centre, the NSW Writer’s Centre and Macquarie University where I work.

Exhausted yet? I’m not. This is all essential to marketing in today’s world! Will keep you posted…

Digital Storytelling with David Varela

Went to David Varela session on digital storytelling organised by the Australian Society of Authors last weekend. Amongst many things David has been involved in the transmedia productions of Perplex City, A Global Adventure, and Clockwork Watch.

According to David, writers should consider themselves as auteurs, not authors, with the skills and vision to inform the creative process of storytelling. Given the simple equation:
Story = Story + Audience
… it’s the close relationship with the audience/fans that will carry the story and give it power.

The audience likes to be part of the process and will pay for this privilege. They will buy ‘rewards’, listen to podcasts, run character websites, exchange puzzle cards, write a Letters page, publish their own story(s), compile wikis, write songs, participate in real life street theatre, twitter etc.

The challenge for the writer is to create enough intrigue to entice the reader to stay with your story.

Visuals such as artwork or supporting imagery help to ‘sell’ your story or project.

Young Adult Digital Novel Kiss Kill Published 2012 (Really Blue Books )

Ever suffered relationship abuse?

Ever been in a position where no-one believes you and you don’t know what to do?

Kiss Kill is a young adult realistic novel for the digital era. Told in multiple text types it experiments with a story told in multiple ways. It is NOT a linear prose narrative.

Kiss Kill has been contracted by a new publisher who can be found at It is about a 16 year old boy’s relationship with a girl with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how he lives to tell his tale.

My vision is to explore new ways of sharing stories in a way that is convenient and easy to access, entertaining as well as connecting – opening up a dialogue with readers.

Our challenge … “Let’s tell a story together.”